USIM is a full-service, integrated, media planning and buying agency. We are media agnostic – aligning the most successful and efficient media strategies with the goals of our clients, regardless of channel. We combine advanced technology with the human touch to deliver results for clients in a wide range of industries.

Integrated Media

USIM is the industry leader in media planning and buying: It’s the core of our business and an essential part of our DNA. We take a media-agnostic approach to generate maximum return on investment for our clients.

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Advanced Media

USIM combines the power of data with the scale of television and digital to deliver targeted media to the right audience at the right time. We put your media budget to work for you where it will work best, maximizing return on investment.

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Location Marketing

Practicing the Art of Human Sense?is our core philosophy. This shapes the way we work and offers measurable benefits for our clients.

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Direct Response

At USIM, a direct response media campaign is a perpetual test. Nothing is constant, and everything can be improved upon.

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Research & Analytics

Data-driven decisions are the most effective decisions. At USIM, our dedicated Research & Analytics team unleashes the power of information to help you plan and optimize your campaigns.

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As the U.S. population becomes increasingly diverse, multicultural media segmentation becomes increasingly important. USIM has the tools to help you navigate this landscape and weave multicultural marketing into your overall plans.

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